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Saint-Laurent Frappé, a Love Note to Montréal's Water

Published on 01/04/2021

- "Something to drink?" 

-"Just a St. Laurent Frappé, thanks!"

A very casual expression, it is still commonly used in Montréal to refer to tap water, as opposed to bottled water or other beverages.  The origin of this regionalism unfortunately seems to have been lost in history.  I have read that the French in Europe use the expression "Château-la-Pompe" to the same effect, though I have never heard it used.

A distinction remains with the Montréal appellation, that of Provenance...

Indeed, the water that comes out of our plumbing comes almost exclusively directly from the St. Lawrence River.  A network of six drinking water treatment plants supplies the Island's residents.  The Atwater and Charles-J. Des Baillets plants alone treat 88% of the water we consume.  We literally drink "St. Lawrence Frappé."

The Dorval, Lachine, Pierrefonds and Pointe-Claire plants have Lake Saint-Louis and Rivière des Prairies as their sources (same hydraulic system, different places and names)

The daily quantity treated is astronomical, about 1 cubic meter per islander, or 1000 litres!  Needless to say, we consume a lot of water... (a 10-minute shower and three flushes of the toilet and 200 litres down the drain).

Every year, tens of thousands of samples are taken at all stages of production, from the river to the tap, in order to maintain the quality and safety of this resource.  Its continuous availability, high quality, and low price sometimes make us forget the privilege of access to this Blue Gold.

Thirsty yet?, Cheers!

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Two pint glasses on top of a tea towel, all three with "Saint-Laurent Frappé" logo