Hi there! I'm Simon, and I'm a maker at heart. I love coming up with ideas and turning them into tangible objects. I'm often inspired by the stories and landscapes of different places, and I try to find the best techniques and materials to bring my ideas to life. I'm always excited to see an idea become a physical object, and I strive to create designs that are useful, sustainable, and long-lasting.

In 2010, I co-founded the LesArchivistes design collective, where I continue to collaborate with other creatives on exciting projects.

Simon Devost portrait looking at the cameraSimon Devost


Les Archivistes, A Creative Exploration of Moment, Place and History

Les Archivistes Design is a creative group dedicated to exploring production techniques and celebrating place and its history.  Founded in 2010 by Caroline Cyr and Simon Devost, and now headed by Simon, their vast and diverse output includes furniture, tableware, functional decorative accessories and giftware. 

They emphasize local, small-scale production, in line with environmental and ethical values. They are manufactured by specialized craftsmen and an in-house studio, from foundry to sewing, laser cutting and textile printing.

Each Archivistes Design product combines contemporary design with traditional techniques, telling a unique story. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail are reflected in every piece they create. If you're looking for quality objects that are locally made and environmentally friendly, Les Archivistes Design will seduce you with their unique and timeless collection.