"Fin de Bail" Quilted Moving Blanket

"Fin de Bail" Quilted Moving Blanket


I moved around a lot as a kid. The movers would show up with their equipment: dollies, boxes, straps, tape, and padded blankets. Those blankets looked so comfortable, so homey! The reality is that they weren’t breathable or soft or warm, just cushy… Perfect to protect furniture, not so much to keep anyone comfy and toasty! Years later, I wanted to recreate that industrial look with materials much better suited for the home. The synthetic cloth was swapped for 100% cotton, and the polyester padding is now a much warmer yet breathable wool-merino batting. Fin de Bail is the end of a lease, traditionally on July 1st in my Montréal hometown. Not fooling anyone, the moves I eventually did as a young adult were not professionally staffed with movers and their dollies, boxes, and blankets, just a bunch of friends who were there to help out, for the promise of some cold beer and pizza!


1x "Fin de Bail" quilt in cotton. Quilted with 100% wool-merino blend.  Approx. 51"x71"  Cargo straps not included.  Sample product pictured, slight variations possible with production model.


Sewn and hand finished in micro quantity in Toronto, Canada.


Hand wash in cold water or delicate cycle.  Important to remove quickly from the machine and dry flat, without tumbling.  Can be dry cleaned, do not bleach.