Saint-Laurent Frappé Glass (boxed set of 2)

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Saint-Laurent Frappé Glass (boxed set of 2)

In stock
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Length - 19cm
Height - 11cm
Width - 20cm
Weight - 1kg

In 1535 on his second trip to America, Jacques Cartier christened this important freshwater reservoir. He navigated it for the #rst time on August 10th, patron day of Saint Lawrence.
Tap water in Montréal is amongst the best in the world. Sometimes colloquially referred to as "Saint-Laurent Frappé", this expression now takes another meaning with world concern over the negative eff
ects of bottled water consumption.

The "Saint-Laurent Frappé" collection is a reminder of this humoristic expression, and an invitation to consume one of Québec's wealth: its tap water.

Boxed set of 2 glasses (15 oz - 450ml) printed in Canada